The Bandai 1/144th AT-AT with Snowspeeder

(Editors note: James is here with his first MPS article on the Bandai AT-AT and Snowspeeder. I really like the staging of this diorama. Thanks James!)

Model and article: James McCowen

This is the Bandai 1/144th AT-AT (kit #0214476) with the bonus 1/144th Snowspeeder: both assembled straight out of box. The fit of all the parts is so good there’s no need for any putty. I did use Tamiya thin cement to blend some of the seams, particularly around the neck.

Details were brought out with Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color (Black #87131) applied with a small brush. Once dry, the excess was cleaned up with a Tamiya craft cotton swab (item 87106**260) moistened with AK interactive white spirit (#AK-011).


To weather my AT-AT, streaking was replicated with AK Interactive Streaking Grime for Light Grey Ships (#AK-305) that was blended (drawn down) after it dried with the same AK White Spirit.














Snow in the recesses of the AT-AT is AK Interactive Snow Micro Balloons (#AK-8010) held in place with AK Interactive Pigment Fixer (#AK -048).



The AT-AT was secured to the base with Gap filling supper glue (Bob smith). The snow on the base was done with Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint, powder snow effect (item #87120). I applied it with a coffee stir stick so I could push it under the gaps between the feet. It was like trying to ice a cake with refractory material. The snow was then smoothed out with a soft brush dipped in water.








The Snowspeeder was made the same way as the AT-AT: Tamiya thin cement and no putty required. Panel line wash was used to highlight details. Of note are the decals. I had to use the Tamiya Mark Fit Decal Solution (item #87102) and that barely worked. I recommend the stronger stuff.



The Snowspeeder support was made from a small piece of clear acrylic rod heated up with a heat gun and bent to the appropriate curve. This was then glued in place with superglue.

The cable was made from a length of #34 beading wire from Fox. The harpoon is a small piece of brass tubing that was heated up and pressed into the foot.

I hope you like it.