The Fujimi 1/24th 1967 Ferrari 330 P4

The Fujimi 1/24th 1967 Ferrari 330 P4

by Brad Huskinson

Editors Note:  MPS Model Car Czar Brad Huskinson is here again with his awesome Ferrari 330 P4. Brad is pretty hand with an airbrush and has an eye for getting just the right final finish. For more of Brads work check out his Bullitt “Stang, Chevelle SS 396 or vintage Mini Cooper. You should also check out Brads site “SmallCars“—-very cool stuff. Many thanks Brad!!


This Ferrari body has long been a favorite for its sleekness and sensual body lines. Fortunately the Fujimi kit (#125756) accurately captures these svelte lines in 1/24 scale.




Construction Notes:

All parts were removed from sprue with sprue cutters and cleaned up with sandpaper and sanding sticks.


I used both Tamiya Thin and CA glues depending on whether or not the parts have been painted.




The panel lines needed some serious work. The front lower body panel was very finicky and needed several applications of putty and sanding to get it right. Unfortunately during the build, it snapped off and I had to be redone.



I wasn’t careful enough when sanding after priming and eliminated many rivets, of which this car has plenty. Fortunately John Miller shared a decal sheet with rivets of the appropriate size so restoring them wasn’t too troublesome.



Color and Markings:


All parts were sprayed with various primers. The body was sprayed with Gravity Colors grey primer. The chassis was primed with Mission Models white primer followed by Mission Models aluminum. Virtually all of the remaining parts were sprayed with either Mission primer or Mr. Hobby 1500.


The Gravity primer was thinned to ¼ leveling thinner to ¾ primer. Everything else I diluted about 50/50 or close using John Miller’s charts. I am spraying at about 15-18 psi.


The Mombo Combo Paint Vial Set:

5ml Vials x10

10ml Vials x10

Stainless Steel Mixing Balls x20

Paint Vial Storage Rack




I used a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity 2 in 1 exclusively for this build. Virtually every part was airbrushed, as I really don’t like brush painting.


The body was painted with 3 coats of Tamiya X-7 bottle paint. The chassis was painted with Mission Models aluminum. All other parts were painted with a combo of Mission, Tamiya and Testors Metalizer paints. The wheel color was achieved by mixing Tamiya gold with a few drops of Tamiya flat black, which did a great job of enhancing the gold color and matching the original wheels on the 1:1 car.


I was close to a 50/50 dilution for all paints except the Mission Models aluminum, which was 80/20 paint/thinner. The Tamiya Red was thinned 50/50 with leveling thinner. No clear was used. The Tamiya Red was polished with Novus #2 then #1.




On a side note I painted and stripped the body a couple of times and had very disturbing results until I bought a brand new bottle of the Tamiya Red. It was at that point I discovered that the older bottle of red had either gone bad or been contaminated: live and learn.

All the decals used were from the kit including the gauge decals for the dashboard. A drop of clear epoxy glue was put over each gauge decal. It dries to make a perfect glass/plastic gauge cover. Micro Set and Micro Sol were used to apply the decals.




The kit came with a very nice photo-etch sheet. I used the front grille, front spoilers and seat belt hardware. I weathered the entire chassis and exposed engine/transaxle area.



Photographed from the proper perspective it looks incredibly realistic and therefore I am quite pleased with this build.



















Thanks for reading along.

Happy Modeling!