The Tamiya 1/24 Subaru Impreza WRC in Monte Carlo Rally Scheme

Editors Note: Evan Smith is back with another beautiful lacquer job. This time on a four-wheeled vehicle: the Subby WRC. I love the look of this kit. Many thanks, Evan!



This is the Tamiya 1/24 Subaru Impreza WRC (Kit #24199) wearing a scheme from the Monte Carlo Rally of 1998. The kit went together as you would expect for a Tamiya kit: near flawless and easy. The kit decals were used and the kit was built straight from the box.





The flash-free parts were removed from the sprues using Gundam Planet Nippers. The parts were prepped with sandpaper from Alpha Abrasives and glued together with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. Micro Scale Clear was used to affix clear parts.








The kit was primed with Badger Grey Stynylrez sprayed straight from the bottle at 35psi with an H&S Evolution. The model was then shot with a blue from Zero Paints sprayed straight from the bottle. This was followed by their single stage clear lacquer the last coat of which was thinned slightly with lacquer thinner.








When all was dry I did a little cutting and polishing on the clear coat but resisted the temptation to do more, as the gloss coat wasn’t as hardy as is my normal 2K gloss.









1 mm Lines  And  Primers—–All With One Brush: the Infinity

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The kit decals went down pretty well with Micro-Set and –Sol. A few resistant decals snugged down with a little Solvaset.








As a final touch, an antenna, fashioned from stretched sprue, was affixed and the model was done.

What fun!

Highly recommend!



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