The WNW Sopwith F5.1 Dolphin

The WNW 1/32 Sopwith F5.1 Dolphin

by Steve “Sir-Rigs-Alot” Kramer

Editors Note: I met Steve Kramer a few years ago through IPMS Seattle. He was just getting started in the hobby and wanted help with airbrushing. It wasn’t long before Steve was in my shop, airbrush in hand, spraying beautiful wet and dry coats and handling his brush like a pro. He assured me for the third time that he was, indeed, a beginner leaving me a bit stunned. This was a portent of things to come from Mr. Kramer. Over the last 2 years I’ve watched his technique become increasingly clean and crisp with each kit he completes. As proof is this beautiful WNW Dolphin which was awarded first in it’s category at the IPMS-Seattle Spring Show last year. Wowza; two years of modeling and a 1st in 1/32 biplanes!! Steve has the touch: no doubt about it. To add insult to injury he’s also wickedly smart, genuinely funny, and a real joy to be around. Luckily, he’s a little funny looking. Steve, thank you for this build, for the opportunity to watch you grow as a modeler, for your friendship, and for all the laughs 🙂

The Build:

Steve built his Dolphin straight from the box and painted it with Mission Model Paints and an H-S Infinity. His rigging technique is original and exemplary and will hopefully be covered in a future article by none other than Sir-Rigs-Alot himself. 

WNW F5.1 Sopwith Dolphin








The Mombo Combo Paint Vial Set:

5ml Vials x10

10ml Vials x10

Stainless Steel Mixing Balls x20

Paint Vial Storage Rack












Harder-Steenbeck Infinity Solo:

-0.15mm Tip

Lever-Limiting Tail Piece w/ Memory

-Free Shipping

Free Mix Kit-101

Every Infinity is checked, lubricated, and test sprayed prior to shipment so it’s ready to shoot 0.5mm wide lines right out of the box.

          $237.85 Delivered






































Harder-Steenbeck Evolution Silverline Solo:

-0.20mm Tip

-Lever-Limiting Tail Piece

-Free Shipping

Free Mix Kit-101

           1.0 mm Wide Lines Right Out of the Box

          $154.30 Delivered













Happy Modeling 🙂