Comments from Model Paint Solutions Customers-Update

Since the launch of Model Paint Solutions I’ve tried to make MPS a “modellers website” focused on the mixing, spraying, and finishing of model paints. Furthermore, I appreciate the investment that a quality airbrush represents and work to provide our customers with personalized service both before and after  they buy a brush. This service may include emails, telephone conversations, and Face Time or Skype: whatever works best for the client.

Having taught airbrushing classes from my favorite local hobby shop for a couple of years, I’ve helped a lot guys with their airbrushing issues. If you’re having a problem, chances are I’ve heard of the same or similar problem before. I love talking modeling and airbrushing and work to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their airbrush purchase.

What follows are comments submitted by previous customers about their experiences with Model Paint Solutions. My thanks to all of our customers and to those quoted below.

1) J.K. from Washington:

” I recently bought my HS airbrush from MPS and was impressed by how determined John was to make sure my airbrush met my needs. He took the time to consider my intended use and the paints I was using and provided me with excellent recommendations concerning my paint and taking care of my airbrush.”

2) Andrew from New Mexico:

“I sent John a couple of emails about my problems with the acrylics I was spraying or trying to. He made some suggestions on how to thin my paint and my problems were solved! I came back a few months later and bought a fine-line airbrush from him and he helped me get that to perform the way I wanted it to. Now I’m doing builds I never would have before. Thank you, John. I’ll be coming back!”

3) Dave from Washington:

“New to airbrushing I took one of Johns Airbrushing classes to see if I could learn a little before I not only spent a lot of money on the wrong tools, but to see if I could learn a little about the products that are used to successfully airbrush models. John’s instruction included everything from the time you turn on the air compressor until you are done and how to clean up. He taught us the proper way to mix paints, different settings of the compressor for different paint line thickness, how to clean the model, sanding preparation, how to primer and from his experience what paint products and tools to use. It was an experience being at this tutorial that I guarantee you will leave wanting to learn more from John, sure saved me a lot of trial and error.”

4) B.L. from Washington:

“I am pleased to comment on my experiences with Model Paint Solutions. I have been able to attend several of his local paint demonstrations and very quickly learned to trust the information that John Miller provides as it relates to both his tips, techniques and his ‘how to suggestions.’  From his ‘basics’ notes, I have found these to be very informative and well documented.  He is an experienced modeler himself, as is evidenced throughout his articles.  The selection of tools and supplies is also very helpful; often helping me to find a source for tools and supplies I have been looking for.  I feel fortunate to live in the Seattle area and meet with John almost every month at the Seattle Chapter of IPMS.”

5) J.F. from Arizona:

“I ordered paint from John and it was delivered very quickly and well packaged.  I had some questions and John was great answering my emails and taking the time to help me understand how to work with the paint.  Excellent customer service!  Thanks John”

And with regards to Mission Models Paints:

“I have used all the major brands of acrylics in my airbrush, and MPS has been the best yet for my fine line work.  The paint goes in smoothly with very little tip dry and almost no overspray.  I am able to do fine line camouflage and mottling patterns freehand with no masking with excellent results.  Clean up is very easy using the thinner.  It goes on very well with a brush also.”

6) Q.B. from Washington:

“…..Great Service from MPS! Not only are they experts in the proper usage of airbrush hardware, the depth of knowledge in techniques with all paint types was very impressive. And the fact that they showed so much patience with my endless questions makes me a customer for life. They understand the investment people make in their airbrush sets, and I can’t thank them enough for making sure I got pointed in the right direction with my new hardware. Thanks very much!”

7) E.S. from Washington:

“My go to source for painting gear, John really knows his stuff.”

8) S.C. from Canada:

“I received my items and delivery was perfect. I’m very satisfied with my merchandise and I’ll be placing another order shortly.

Thanks again for setting up international shipping with paypal.”

9) T.D. from Washington:

“MPS is an important modeling resource tackling timely issues in the changing field of model paints. MPS carries the full-range of Mission Models acrylic paints and Harder and Steenbeck airbrushes, parts and accessories. Great brushes: easily cleaned, maintained and capable of creating precise spray patterns in all scales without overspray.  The MPS website shares a wealth of model paint information and case histories which are an essential resource for any modeler airbrushing acrylic paints.   MPS can also supply the more obscure H&S parts I’ve needed that aren’t listed on the web.”


Thanks again to all our customers.

We wish peace and happy modeling to everyone.


Now go paint something!

–John M