Aizu Micron Masking Tapes: 0.4mm to 2.0mm Wide (that’s not a typo)

I spent years cutting thin strips of Tamiya tape with an X-Acto and a straight edge: no more. These tapes by Aizu Project are just awesome. Made from Tamiya-type rice masking tape and cut with amazing accuracy, these tapes are perfect for masking canopies or laying down straight or curved lines for painting. Curved lines in particular are easier to mask with super thin strips of tape which conform to angles and bends better than do wider tapes.


I recently put the most narrow tape (0.4mm) to use masking the canopy of my 1/72 M-17 Stratosphera by Modelsvit. As thin as it is, the 0.4mm tape easily conformed to curves in the front windscreen and was sufficiently sticky to stay in place: awesome stuff.





To apply, I simply outlined the clear frames within the canopy with the 0.4mm tape. The ends of each piece of tape were cut flush with the framing using a brand new X-Acto blade or rounded surgical blade. The tape is so thin that it is easily cut using a slight downward pressure lessening the chances of marring the underlying clear plastic.





With the tapes in place, the remaining areas were covered with Mr. Mask liquid masking agent applied with a small micro brush and a toothpick. Once dry, the canopy was masked and ready for paint: quick and easy!




Okay, these tapes pass the workbench test. Masking this canopy was quicker and easier than having to cut thin strips myself. If 0.4mm is a bit too thin for your uses, Aizu also makes these additional sizes:

0.7mm Aizu Tape

1.0mm Aizu Tape

1.5mm Aizu Tape

2.0mm Aizu Tape

2.5mm Aizu Tape

If you’re like me and do a lot of masking on different scales, think about the Aizu Micron Tapes Combo for additional savings.

Now I gotta go mask something!