Be Safe Out There!

“Two times two is twenty-two
Four times four is forty-four                                                   Lyrics by Paul Simon
When numbers get serious                                     
They leave a mark on your door
Urgent. Urgent.
A telephone is ringing in the hallways                                 
When times are mysterious
Serious numbers will speak to us always”

Paul Simon’s “Serious Numbers” has been playing in my head these last and fast two weeks. Here in Des Moines, WA, just a stones throw from Seattle, my family and I are doing what so many others are these days: sheltering in place, thinking about those that have lost their lives or loved ones, watching the ever-increasing numbers, and trying to maintain an optimistic view.

With all these numbers bouncing around, writing about airplane models had begun to ring hollow prompting me to contemplate taking a break from publishing anything new on MPS for a while. As I began to compose the announcement, I received multiple calls from customers with airbrush issues; typical stuff here at MPS. What wasn’t typical were the many times I was asked about future “How-To” and In-Box Review articles in the Q and when they’d be published. Most spoke of feeling stressed and isolated and how on-line modeling articles were a big part of how they were filling their days. Their comments are similar to many emails I’ve received of late echoing a similar opinion.

Message received. We’ll be increasing the number of articles published on MPS in the coming weeks and adding some short but very handy “How-To” articles on things like drilling out exhausts and replicating clear navigation lights.

We also have multiple In-Box reviews in the works and a full build article on the Eduard Hellcat complete with a section on weathering with oils.

In the mean time, here’s a couple of “How-To’s” you may have missed:

Airbrushing Tips n’ Tricks Vol 1: The Basics

Airbrushing Tips n’ Tricks Vol 2: Spraying Acrylic Paints

Airbrushing Tips n’ Tricks Vol 3: Matching the Dilution and Tip to the Job

Airbrushing Tips n’ Tricks Vol 4: Tricks for Cleaning Your Airbrush

To peruse all of the articles on Model Paint Solutions, check out The Paint Booth

I’d like to send a sincere thanks to all you guys that have called or emailed; you changed my perspective and I’m very much obliged. If you’ve dusted off your airbrush and/or pulled out that half-built kit and have questions on brushing or painting, drop me a line.

In the mean time, be safe out there and to paraphrase the president of our local IPMS Chapter,

Model On!

–John Miller