Harder-Steenbeck In-Line Valves are Inbound!

If you’ve happened to attend one of the airbrush tutorials I regularly give at Skyway Hobbies or dropped by the Mission Models Paint booth at one of the recent IPMS National conventions you probably saw an H-S In-Line Air Valve attached to my Infinity or Evolution.

I literally don’t spray an airbrush without one.




Moreover, the H-S air valve is ideal for adjusting air pressures for fine-line shooting which means ~6-8psi on average. Unlike other in-line air valves out there, the H-S valve provides very fine adjustments especially on the lower end where the difference between a fraction of a psi allows for lines of 0.5mm (and less) to be reproducibly dialed in.

Yup, the H-S valves are might handy, indeed. That being the case, it’s been a bit frustrating of late as these hummers have been back-ordered way too long.


No More!!

A shipment of air valves is in en route to li’l ole Model Paint Solutions and is expected to arrive at the end of the week——-Finally!!

We’ll start shipping air valves to you folks that have been waiting later this week.

Thanks (again) for your patience šŸ™‚

If you’ve been waiting to place an order for an air valve, wait no more.

Now I gotta paint something (with an air valve of course),