Model Paint Solutions is Six Months Old! Many Thanks to All Our Customers!!

To All Our Customers Current and Future,

Since the launch of Model Paint Solutions we’ve tried to assemble a site that’s about modeling for modelers. In particular, a site that focuses on the tools and tricks for airbrushing and finishing model paints. This is a new (and maybe crazy) idea for a modeling website and it’s based on providing the modeler with two things:


1) Quality Tools and Supplies for the Handling, Spraying, and Finishing of Model Paints.

-We stock quality pharmaceutical-grade paint storage bottles that have received rave reviews on Hyperscale, Modeling Madness, Model Military International Magazine (issue 135), and Military Illustrated Modeler (issue 75).

-Our assortment of German-manufactured Harder&Steenbeck Airbrushes were chosen specifically with the modeler in mind.

-Our finishing tools and supplies include novel items from the research laboratory (Kimwipes, Microfiber Swabs, Spin Tubes) as well as innovative products like the Abrasive Sheets, Micro Abrasive Pads and Sanding Films from Alpha Abrasives.

-We proudly carry the new line of Mission Model Paints: the most forgiving and the best acrylic paint I’ve ever used for fine-line work.


2) Simple Straightforward Suggestions on Airbrushing and Finishing Techniques.

-Our Paint Booth articles provide suggestions on building and finishing your models with an emphasis on  airbrush handling, cleaning, paint dilutions, spray pressures, and many other helpful tips for both the beginner and advanced modeler.

-All articles feature numerous photographs many taken in-progress demonstrating how to use the tool or technique being described.

-We’ll soon be introducing embedded videos within our articles that will demonstrate basic and advanced airbrushing and finishing techniques.


Our “Prime Directive” is to only stock items that have been tested on my workbench. In this way, we assure the quality of the tools and supplies we stock and have the first-hand experience required to explain their use in our Paint Booth articles.

Moreover, we have the knowledge to assist you with their use by email, phone, or Face Time/Skype. That kind of modeler-based customer service is our goal.

One great aspect to running MPS is getting email from modelers all over the world that have read our articles, purchased our tools or supplies, tried our suggestions, and in so doing tamed some painting problem that had vexed them for years. That’s when I know our crazy little website is actually working.

I’d love to hear your suggestions on techniques or tricks you’d like to see demonstrated. Take a minute and drop us a line, we’ll get back to you.


Thanks to all of you that have visited our site and found something helpful, be it a tool, tip, or trick. We have big plans for the future so stay tuned and see just how crazy this site can get  🙂

Now go paint something!