MPS will be at the Nooga Nats !

It’s that time again: the IPMS Nationals!

The IPMS National Convention and Contest, held this year in Chattanooga, Tennessee from August 7 to 10, is upon us and there is much rejoicing.  My first “Nat’s” was last year in Phoenix where I had great food, saw some beautiful builds, demonstrated Fine-Line Airbrushing, and in all respects had an awesome time.




If you happen to be attending this year’s ‘Nooga Nats” (I just love that) , you’re in luck. This looks to be an awesome show. As soon as I saw the Belushi/P-40, I knew I’d be attending. An announcement like that clearly indicates the folks behind the scenes (IPMS-Chattanooga) i.e., the Nooga Crew, know how to have a good time. In addition to the show/competition, there’s an impressive selection of “How-To” presentations covering a wide array of modeling topics as well as historical subjects.

Since the Nooga Crew is clearly, sleep-deprived, drugged, ditzy, depraved, decerebrate, deranged, depressed, delinquent, delusional, drunk,……………………………..charitable, I’ll be giving two airbrush-related talks on Thursday and Friday of the show:

Thursday: Airbrushing 101-909, 9:15-10:15am, Room-5

Friday: Diluting & Spraying Mottling &Fine Lines with Acrylic Paints, 1:15-2:15pm, Room-12/13

A complete schedule of presentations can be found here.

If you’d like to test drive an Infinity, Evolution, or Colani drop by the Mission Models Paint table in the vendors area where I’ll be demonstrating Fine-Line airbrushing and other painting tricks.

I’ll have a selection of H-S brushes you can put in your hand and test-shoot on primed plastic; not ink on paper…;) If you’ve never sprayed a 0.5mm wide line with control and ease, drop by and give it a try or just say hello!


I hope to see you there!

Yup, I gotta get to painting something,