MPS Has the New Mission Models Luftwaffe, RAF, and USN Colors !

Special MPS Announcement

By special super secret arrangements with the Mission Models Grand Poobah, Jon Tamkin, Model Paint Solutions just received the new RLM, RAF, USN, and USMC colors.

We’re told this deal involved multiple shady characters, a stolen Lear jet, and some angry pack mules. Nonetheless, the paints have arrived and in addition to the aforementioned colors, the Mission Line now includes Aluminum, Steel, and for weathering enthusiasts, Transparent dust. Oh, yea.

Here are links to some of the new colors.

Luftwaffe Colors

RAF Colors


If you have any questions about Mission Paints in general or the new colors in particular, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you.

Now it’s really time to go paint something !

–John M