New Stuff, Cool Stuff, and Free Stuff (Yup, you read that right)

Hey Everybody!

First, let me thank everyone that’s helped make MPS a success since opening our virtual doors one year ago.

Thank You All!

Let me also thank everyone that’s reached out with a question about some painting trick or twist or shared their particular techniques for difficult painting problems. There’s a lot of really nice people out there building models and luckily for us, a lot of them regularly read our articles and share their experiences. We love hearing from you so if you have a comment or suggestion, drop us a line at [email protected]: we’ll get right back to you.

We’ve geared up for year two by restocking a lot of our measuring and mixing lab gear in larger volumes which means lower prices. In addition, we’ve added new tools, airbrush accessories, and finishing supplies: All kinds of cool stuff.

Here’s the breakdown………..

New Stuff!


For polishing canopies and clear parts to clarity we now carry Novus Plastic Polish #2 and #3. These two polishes used with Microfiber swabs and Kimwipes have been my go-to tools for getting scratches out of canopies for years.  For some suggestions on using Novus 2 and 3, check out this article on clear parts and canopies.






To add to our selection of abrasive tools designed for hard-to-reach areas, we’ve now have the Cone Tip Sander by Alpha Abrasives. This is an awesome tool and comes with 2 handles and 15 pre-cut, adhesive-backed  abrasive pieces. This is a handy tool for blending wing fillets and similar curved areas.




In addition,we now offer our paint measuring and mixing tools in sets:

The “Mix-A-Lot” for the serious paint mixologist

The “Mix-A-Little” for the experienced small scale mix-master.

The “Mix Kit-101” for those new to airbrushing and mixing paint.



We’ve got new stuff for your H&S airbrush as well. For those of you that like to keep things neat, we have lids for both the 2 and 5 ml paint cups. In addition, we now have the H&S Splatter Cap. This air cap can be used with any size nozzle (0.15, 0.20, 0.40, 0.60) and allows you to make controlled splatter patterns that are great for camouflage and weathering applications. We also now stock the low-profile Infinity Crown Air Cap ideal for close-in fine-line work and adaptable to any H&S Evolution, Infinity, or Grafo airbrush.









Cool Stuff!

So the following items are technically new but they’re also really, really cool so just go with it 🙂




Laboratory-grade glass graduated beakers for measuring and mixing paint and clear coats. Available in two sets: The Large Set with 4 glass beakers or the Small Set with two beakers.





The ultimate liquid transfer tool: the glass graduated pipette with suction bulb. This tool is really handy for preparing dilutions of paint, clear coats, or thinners. And, it just looks cool on your workbench 🙂




Yup, and now the Free Stuff!




From now on you’ll receive a free MPS “Mix-Kit-101″ set and H&S 2-Piece Cleaning Brush Set with every purchase of an Evolution, Infinity, or Grafo airbrush. That’s right, in addition to free shipping, free airbrush set up, a free lesson by FaceTime/Skype, and free repair work, you’ll also get all the basic mixing, measuring, and cleaning tools to get started.



If you have any questions drop me a line at [email protected] or give me a call at (253) 642-7862.

Now, I gotta go paint something!