Paint Vials: Measure-it, Mix-it, Label-it, Store-it–Easy!

Like all of the paint mixing, measuring, and storage tools on Model Paint Solutions our Paint Storage Vials are made of sturdy, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that easily withstands enamels, strong alcohols, acetone, and lacquer thinners—Guaranteed.





The sturdy, white, PET cap has an inner lip that seals the vial closed and leak-proof when screwed on securely.


Gradations are molded into the walls of the Vials so will never fade with use.




The frosted window makes labeling your custom mixes easy. Simply label with a Sharpie (or similar) and remove the label with Lacquer Thinner when re-using the vial.

The Vials have flat bottoms permitting them to be stood on end. However, a Vial Rack makes preparing mixtures easier and provides long-term storage for 50 vials.




The stainless steel mixing balls are guaranteed to not corrode.






Both the 5ml and 10ml Vial Sets come with:

        10 Vials                      10 Caps                10 Stainless Mixing Balls


5ml Paint Mixing Table:

Suitable for your workshop wall the included mixing table makes it easy to reproducibly prepare mixtures of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70% paint.

For detailed information including example pictures of preparing percent paint mixtures, check out the links below:


5ml Paint Vials:







10ml Paint Vials:







Paint Vial Combo Set:

5ml Vials and 10ml Vials






Paint Vial Storage Rack:

Good for storage of 50 Paint Vials






Paint Vial Mombo-Combo Set:

5ml Vials, 10ml Vials, Vial Rack



Happy Modeling !