10% Off All Mission Models Primers, Paints, Metallics, and Clear Coats!!

To celebrate our 2nd year in business we’re lowering the prices on all Mission Models Paints, Primers, Metallics, Clear Coats, Polymix, and Thinner by 10% across the board!              Yup, 10% 🙂

Here’s the breakdown:

                                       MSRP          Model Paint Solutions

Primer                              9.75                         8.77

Paint                                5.75                         5.17

Gloss/Flat Coats              7.25                         6.52

Metallics                           8.75                        7.87

Chrome                           13.95                      12.55

Polymix                            8.45                         7.60

Thinner (4oz)                   9.75                         8.77

You can visit our Mission Models Paint page here.

We’ve also lowered the prices on our paint measuring, mixing, and storage tools so stock up for the coming year!

We’d like to say Thanks and Happy Holidays to all of our customers in the US and abroad for your business and support.

If you live in the greater Seattle area and want to purchase Mission Model paints see below:

A Special Message to Seattle Modelers Looking for Mission Models Paints

The year was 1976 and the place was Bradenton, Florida.

The hobby shop was Semaphore Hobbies.  It was small, well-stocked, and situated on a street that ran parallel and close to the ocean. Ever present were older modelers willing to share tips on gluing, decaling, or painting with any newbie. Between the modeling tips came history lessons, flight physics, geography, military strategies, and suggestions for staying calm after making a bad painting mistake. Tying that together was the tangible feeling of camaraderie for an endeavor we each pursued in the isolation of our respective workshops. To this day I still use tricks learned from those “old guys” at Semaphore Hobby Shop: lessons that have lasted a lifetime.

The disappearance of hobby shops like Semaphore has had a huge and negative effect on the ability of modelers to enjoy the camaraderie and knowledge of like-minded individuals in their local communities. Yes, the Internet(s) and social media allow for greater exposure to other modelers but, in my experience, its not the same as having a technique explained or demonstrated face-to-face.

I always look for those small, independent, hobby shops in whatever city I’m visiting and for those of us fortunate to live in Seattle, Washington there is a shop that fits the bill: Skyway Model Shop in Renton, Washington.

Some of you may recognize Skyway as the source of many of the kits reviewed on MPS. I can usually be found there on Saturdays drinking coffee, perusing the new kits and magazines, and sharing tips and modeling “war stories” with other modeling folk from the Seattle modeling community.








Emil, the owner, maintains an awesome selection of current and old kits as well as a full array of modeling paints, tools, and magazines that cater to practically every genre’ of scale modeling: ships, cars, sci-fi, planes, and armor.

Skyway also carries the complete line of Mission Models Paints!

(hint, hint, nudge, nudge 🙂 )








Most importantly, Skyway Hobby Shop is where you can go if you’ve gummed up your airbrush and need help taking it apart or need a clear coat that won’t crinkle your acrylic paint and have no idea which to use. Emil, his assistant James, or some “old guy” just hanging around drinking coffee will be willing to assist. If that’s not enough there’s usually two dogs (sometimes three) running around the shop keeping everyone in line. That’s a real hobby shop and spending just a little bit more to keep it alive is money well spent, indeed.


Now go paint something and if you’re in Seattle, go see whats new on the shelf at Skyway!


More Skyway Pics Below: