The Annual NWSM Model Show at the Museum of Flight v2020: Part II

The NWSM Annual Model Show at Seattle’s Museum of Flight Part II

Photos by J. Miller

Go here to for Part I


South of Seattle is King County International Airport better known as historic Boeing Field. In addition to the Boeing company, Boeing Field is also the home of  Seattle’s Museum of Flight: an internationally renowned aviation museum.

The NorthWest Scale Modelers club (NWSM) is an informal scale-modeling organization that maintains a themed display within the museum and hosts an annual model show every Presidents Day weekend. The show is held in the beautiful center display room under the M-21/SR-71.

A special thanks to Tim Nelson for managing the show (again) and to all the members of NWSM, Seattle IPMS, and individual builders for sharing their work.

For more information about the NorthWest Scale Modelers Club check out their Face Book page here.

Enjoy the Pics!































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Happy Modeling!