The New Scribers on the block……..The Holly

The Holly Scriber: Simple, Sharp, and Easy to Use



After putting these scribers to the test on my work bench, I’m pleased to announce that MPS now carries the complete line of Holly Scribers: t0.10, t0.15, and t0.20mm.




This is a different idea for a scriber and it’s a good one. The cutting edge (nickel plated carbon steel) is rectangular and very sharp.

How sharp? Scribed plastic is removed in a continuous ribbon akin to peeling an apple: that sharp 🙂 

Moreover, the cutting edge stays sharp even after extensive use. I’ve used my t0.15mm to scribe two consecutive models and it’s still as sharp as when I first received it.

Most Importantly, the rectangular cutting blade prevents a re-scribed line from becoming wider with repeated swipes as can happen with round or V-shaped inscribers.

Repeated swipes with a Holly scriber produces a line that is deeper but not wider: precise and exact in width depending on which scriber you’re using 0.10, 0.15, or 0.20mm.


The small, ergonomic design places your fingers closer to the cutting end of the tool thereby providing way better control over cutting angle and pressure. The clear ball at the end is rubber-like and provides a surprisingly good grip.




To demonstrate how fine a line these scribers will produce, each was used to scribe a line on a piece of sheet styrene. Each line was produced by 2-3 consecutive swipes of a scriber. A drop of Tamiya Black Panel Liner easily wicked along the entire length of each cleanly scribed line: Nice.

These scribers are simple, but quality tools that will last.



The Holly t0.10mm:








The Holly t0.15mm:








The Holly t0.20mm:








In addition to the Holly Scribers, check out our needle-scriber and clear scribing tapes in 3mm and 6mm.

Good scribing tools makes an arduous job a little easier!