We’ve Got the New (and a few not-so-new) Mission Colors!

Well, it’s that time again. The folks at Mission Models Paints have released another round of new colors! There are a couple of new and very handy metallics as well as a few colors that guys have been requesting for some time (Hello, Concrete).

We maintain a complete stock of all the Mission Model Primers, Paints, and Clear Coats and will continue to feature new colors as the become available.

On to the new colors…………………….. 


MMP-125 New Construction Yellow



MMP-126 Tractor Yellow



MMP-127 Concrete



MMP-128 IDF Green



MMP-129 Yellow-Tan (FS30257) MERDEC



MMP-130 Earth Red-Brown (FS302117) MERDEC



MMP-131 Sand (FS30277) MERDEC



MMP-138 RAF Dark Sea Grey (BS381)


And some not-so-new colors………….


MMM-009 RAF Speed Silver



MMM-010 Gun Metal



MMC-002 Brass



MMC-003 Gold



Happy Modeling!