Editors note: I’m quite fortunate to have access to a large, talented group of modelers through the Seattle chapter of IPMS. One such modeler, Evan Smith recently completed his Eduard Gustav in an eye-catching finish that captures the subtleties of an accurately rendered Luftwaffe mottled scheme. Luckily he was willing to share his technique with […]

Intro: The fact that I’m a slow builder is a constant source of disparaging comments from the locals in my favorite hobby shop. “This one should only take ya a year or two, haaaa-ha-ha.” Whatever. I only build aircraft in predominantly the “one true scale” of 1/72 although I’m venturing into 48th and 32nd these […]

This is the Classic Airframes 1/48 Heinkel He-112–a great kit of a lesser-known but attractive aircraft. Designed for Heinkel by the Günter brothers, the He-112 had the firms’ distinctive elliptical wing, a slim aerodynamic fuselage, and an almost frame-less, teardrop canopy. This was an elegant design for its day. It was the chief competitor of […]

Intro: Since Volume 1 of the Paint Booth Airbrushing series dealt with the basics of airbrush handling, it may seem odd to skip basic spraying techniques and jump right to strategies for diluting paint. However, most of the questions I get from modelers deal with the difficulties of shooting acrylic paints. So, let’s dive into […]

Introduction This is the Sword 1/72 Me-109D wearing an early-war night fighter scheme. The model depicts the aircraft piloted by Lt. Joachim Böhner while serving with 10(N)/ZG26 in Hage, Germany, early January 1940. The decals are from the Kagero book “Messerschmitt Bf109 A-D Models” (#7012). I’ve long admired and studied the 109: big fan. That […]