History: The Bücker Bü 181, Bestmann (a German maritime term designating a member of the deck crew on fishing vessels) first flew in February 1939. The Bestmann was a single-engine low-wing monoplane with fixed undercarriage, split flap, twin controls, and two adjustable, side-by-side seats. The cabin section of the fuselage was of a tubular steel […]

(Editors note: Part Two of the V18 ‘Roo series is dedicated to a member of Seattle IPMS who’s become quite distraught at the time it’s taken me to write this final installment. I don’t want to use real names so I’ll refer to him only as Jim B. The situation has escalated to Jim B. […]

Click here for Fw-190 V-18 Build Review Part Two: The Details Introduction: This is the first of a two-part series describing the assembly and painting of the Hobby Boss 1/48 Focke Wulf Fw-190 V18. The kit is a kick to build: one of the easiest I’ve encountered. There are accuracy issues to be sure but […]

History: (edited from Wikipedia) The P.23/I prototype was developed by the PZL firm in 1931 to replace the Breguet 1 and Potez 25 then in service with the Polish Air Force. Chief Designer, Stanisław Prauss, based the new recon bomber on a proposed passenger transport (PZL .13) that never went into production. First flown on […]

Scroll Down for Part Two: Part One Introduction: This is my first attempt at a progressive build and I have to say it feels a bit like walking a tight rope in the wind. I’ll be posting as the build progresses so if I literally paint myself into a corner with a doozy of a […]