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Scroll Down for Parts One, Two, and Three.   Part IV:  Color and Markings Well, we’ve reached my favorite part, painting! I opted to use multiple painting techniques in order to duplicate the RLM-74/75/76 scheme the V-tail wore. In addition to free hand airbrushing, the use of masking tape for hard lines and stencils for […]

Introduction: The results of a secret years-long Model Paint Solutions research project conducted by an elite group of paint scientists at the MPS Secret Underground Paint Laboratory (and Bistro) has just been de-classified. The results are presented here in their entirety for the first time. Some of these findings are a little sobering so brace […]

Since the launch of Model Paint Solutions I’ve tried to make MPS a “modellers website” focused on the mixing, spraying, and finishing of model paints. Furthermore, I appreciate the investment that a quality airbrush represents and work to provide our customers with personalized service both before and after  they buy a brush. This service may […]

Introduction: I’ve been shooting acrylic paints a long time. From Polyscale to Tamiya to Model Master to Vallejo to my favorite, LifeColor. You may have come across previous articles in The Paint Booth that describe strategies for diluting, spraying, and cleaning acrylic paints. Been there, done that and still do it for all the common […]

Intro: Since Volume 1 of the Paint Booth Airbrushing series dealt with the basics of airbrush handling, it may seem odd to skip basic spraying techniques and jump right to strategies for diluting paint. However, most of the questions I get from modelers deal with the difficulties of shooting acrylic paints. So, let’s dive into […]