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Model Kit and Book Reviews

Introduction: Looking like the result of a romantic tryst between a Messerschmitt 109 and a Beechcraft Bonanza: this is the “V-tailed” Bf-109 G-0. My fascination with this airplane began sometime ago. It was in the bookstore of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum circa 1977, when I purchased “Messerschmitt: An Aircraft Album No.2 by J. […]

History: During WWII the United States supplied the Soviet Union with provisions for war including tanks, food, and aircraft. The aircraft types sent through this Lend-Lease program included Curtis P-40’s with a total of ~2,400 of the type delivered by 1944. Due to intense usage by the Soviet Air Force, many of the front-line P-40’s […]

Intro: What can be said about the Me-163 that most of us haven’t previously heard or read? It’s one the most fascinating aircraft of WWII: born of ingenuity and desperation in the closing chapters of the air war in Europe. With climb performance nothing short of phenomenal for it’s day, it remains the only manned […]

Intro: I saw this kit while patrolling Skyway Hobby Shop, my normal weekend hangout, and knew immediately that it was coming home with me. One part P-38, one part Bat Plane: I half expected to find a figure of Bruce Wayne inside the box. What I found was 167 pieces of light grey plastic that, […]

Introduction: I have previously expounded upon the virtues of the new Mission Models acrylic paints and demonstrated their use on a 1/72 Macchi Saetta: a scheme in a scale I would not have tried with any other paint. Mission paints are the easiest most forgiving acrylic paints I’ve ever used-period. I was so impressed with […]