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History: (edited from Wikipedia) The P.23/I prototype was developed by the PZL firm in 1931 to replace the Breguet 1 and Potez 25 then in service with the Polish Air Force. Chief Designer, Stanisław Prauss, based the new recon bomber on a proposed passenger transport (PZL .13) that never went into production. First flown on […]

Scroll Down for Parts One, Two, and Three.   Part IV:  Color and Markings Well, we’ve reached my favorite part, painting! I opted to use multiple painting techniques in order to duplicate the RLM-74/75/76 scheme the V-tail wore. In addition to free hand airbrushing, the use of masking tape for hard lines and stencils for […]

Intro: I have long admired the lines of the Chipmunk. It’s a plane that demonstrates the axiom “If it looks good, it should fly good.” With superb flying characteristics and aerobatic ability, the “Chippie” is known to be a “pilots airplane” and it certainly looks the part. Sometime in the late ‘90’s (yea, I’m old) […]

Introduction This is the Sword 1/72 Me-109D wearing an early-war night fighter scheme. The model depicts the aircraft piloted by Lt. Joachim Böhner while serving with 10(N)/ZG26 in Hage, Germany, early January 1940. The decals are from the Kagero book “Messerschmitt Bf109 A-D Models” (#7012). I’ve long admired and studied the 109: big fan. That […]